they call him Mellow Yellow!!!!

they call him Mellow Yellow!!!!
Welcome to the insanity!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Rants for the Fall..... welcome to Autumn Y'all!

Hello there, my dear people of the world.  I have a few bones to pick with some of the people of NYC.  So without any pomp and circumstance, here they are.
Volume #1
1.  Haters/Hating on fashion- The weather and leaves are changing and our fashion needs to do the same.  I cannot be responsible to those who choose to not adhere to the dress code.  With that being said, don't get pissy with me when I come outside dressed properly.  No one told you to roll out of the bed with those tacky, pilly, sweats and a dirty scarf on your head and walk around with your disrespectful kid (who should be in school at 11:30am), questioning authorities and mean mugging everyone on the sidewalk that gave at least 30 seconds of thought to their daily fashion selection.  Either wear the "tore up get-up"with pride or hang your head in shame.  Pick your choice.  Guys, this includes you too.  Don't give the cute girl a stink face because you feel inferior in your personal presentation.  Maybe she thinks you look okay, so the same solution applies to you.  Either shut up or put up.
2. "Half-Assedness"- If you are not up to par, just admit it.  Don't blame anyone for your shortcomings....period.  If you are a flake, meaning you cancel last minute, extremely late to everything or act funny in your relation/friendship with people, it's time to get yourself straight.  Unless this is a ploy to be alone.  And don' you dare get mad when the person you flake on has a snafu that holds them up from being early for you.  You are not that important and remember you are corny, Mr./Ms. Flake.  
If your are broke, find a job or a legal hustle.  Don't lay around and whine while looking for a job when the mood strikes.  If you live with mom after 30 (i'm being nice), don't say she lives with you (isn't her name on the deed?) and you look to her for all you food, shelter and clothing needs.
There's a little saying in the streets and on the courts, "go hard or go home".  I have a lil' saying from my grandma, "piss on the pot of get off".
3. Improper Labeling- Ok, I know everyone is trying to find that perfect marketing approach to sell, peddle, pimp or pass off anything for something it is not.  Take for instance, the word hand-crafted/handcrafted.  For something to be "handcrafted" it needs to 1. be a craft and 2. made by hand.  Therefore my dirty hippies, hipsters and wall flowers, a beverage, sandwich or any other temporary item  can not be called hand-crafted.  Its a real, "no $hit, sherlock" situation when it comes to food.  What else will it be made by?  Feet?  Lets try out some more appropriate labels.
Drink= Hand-mixed, individually-concocted
Food= Made-to-order
Homemade Blanket= Hand-crafted
Now that we have examples, do you see how stupid these people sound?

until the next time.....

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