they call him Mellow Yellow!!!!

they call him Mellow Yellow!!!!
Welcome to the insanity!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Exceptional Students.... who taught you????

Hey y'all.... sh*t is going crazy in NYC and not just with the weather, but these arguments over the DOE vs. Charter school systems has some validity. Who in the hell taught these people how to spell or compose a sentence?  These are BUSINESS owners and managers making these "special" signs to entice us to patronize their establishments.
Some of the signs are worse than the Tampax commercials we all flip past or make fun of.  Some are in neighborhoods you would never expect.  Others had me in the street trying not to pee on myself from laughing, a instant lift when my day was going crappy otherwise.  So, take a lookie loo, pretty babies.... and tell me would you patronize or purchase from any of these magic monkeys?  Mind you some of the signs are from corporations, What is this world coming to.....?

One word for this proctology clinic ad in Bedstuy Brooklyn...Assaliciousness.

 Check out the Tuesday night Amsterdam special in the fancy mall on the boardwalk of Atlantic City.  Is it Jeremiah Weed Iced Tea Vodka or some homegrown bud with your lemonade?
 What kind of specials are Chinatown spot serving up?  Because i've heard about a 'sex pot' and descriptions of hot and or spicy individuals in massage parlors and such.  It makes me wonder will you be 'loved long time' or have an endless bowl of belly churning mystery meats and veggies?  Check out the lil' monster faced owl-like creature under the smoking bowl.... things that make you go "hmmm".
As Chanel (posing as the black Vanna White) points out in a popular Lower East Side lounge, the upscale white cardboard signage on a string.  This "lavish" VIP area is quartered off by a burgundy movie theater-style curtain..... but the real question is, who went to the hardware store for the letters?
 A hot bagel and a free phone?  How can you go wrong on a monday morning at this Coney Island bodega?
 Are 'arraments' some kind of special service to promote flora and fauna in East Harlem/El Barrio?  And the glitter glue pen artwork and magazine clipped art is stunning on a sheet of copy paper supported by blue blockout tape.
This is ALL kind of 'wrongness' I saw on Sutphin Blvd in Jamaica, Queens.  Not only do you broadcast the fact you have a baby daddy, you are bragging about his status of being superior to the other possible part-time male parents and unattached dead-beats that have honestly earned this moniker, simply by purchasing a ticket.  AND you will be parading him around at an ol' school reggae show for all of Queens and Brooklyn to see.  Then again, this maybe the event to pick up you next child's father that may actually support the child.  Lawd, Lawd, Lawd people.
Is this what happened to the original Afflac duck after he got fired?  This isn't the smoked duck I wanted for dinner, you know.

Is a 'patato' wedge anything like a 'potato' wedge?  I guess the 7Eleven in the Flatiron district seems to think so... but we all learned from previous posts here on WKTGO, just because you think its so, doesn't make it true.

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