they call him Mellow Yellow!!!!

they call him Mellow Yellow!!!!
Welcome to the insanity!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Admitting and accepting the obvious....

Well, I have always been one of those decent people that bully others into doing the right thing.  You know, I beat up the bullies who harassed my nerd friends from advanced placement classes.  This is the person who grew up to stand up to jackasses in public service positions, upscale stores, restaurants, etc.  Was a fur wearing vegetarian for eight years (somebody else eats it if i don't) and I actually go to the machine to recycle my own bottles.  I have grown up to be a tough, fun-loving, fancy, smart-ass..... granola.  You know the tree hugger people, but with flavor, like the new Nature's Valley Dark Chocolate kind.  All this time, I thought I was a Nutrigrain bar. Unbelievable.
I washed my hair with a soap that I have teased people about and damn if it didnt get my locs clean and surprising soft and un-earthy smelling, you know that earthy smell.... like dirt & patchouli or lavender twigs  & ragweed.  I washed my hand with this stuff at a friends house and I was freaked out by the regular scent and went for the dish washing liquid.  But today my allergy to sulfur forced me to buy this.... Damn you Dr.Bronner for the scent that has made me smile since the days of Woolworth 10 cent pay toilets with the weird neon yellow.  Almond. 
i digress....

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